Art111 SCO Feedback

On 5 April '17 Karen Kleinfelder and I presented the v2017b draft of the Art111 SCO to the SOA Curriculum Committee and received the following feedback:


Expand Justification - history, rationale, make a stronger case for the importance of this class - updating an existing class

Typos & Formatting

  • two, not 2
  • 4-1-a - measurable benchmarks - bold, underline (skip a space) - Evaluation instruments, etc
  • Must be a Word Doc (.docx)
  • Assessment - not 35% (30)


  • "Attempt" weekly art activities - Attempt is a poor word choice. Use measurable words like demonstrate, complete, perform, execute
  • confront fears - this is a reasonable concept, but a poor word choice. Try to say this in Art Language, like: demonstrate an ability to express themselves in art genres. Try to contextualize the idea of "risk taking" in an art context.
  • Put taking risks into more of an SOA context / language - make it make sense to visual art, to your strategies as skill development: question instead of confront
  • Language used in Benchmarks & Skill Development will be scrutinized. Don't raise flags! But still express what you believe in.

Art Experiences

  • Too many? Have fewer assignments?
  • Organize VI Methods of instruction so it's clearer that it's a mix.
  • Reduce number of experiences and add Critique & Revise?
  • Project sequence: Benchmarks: roughs, sketches, process...
  • Curate an exhibition of 10 classmate works and why you chose them.
  • Focus on student growth, vs sampling or busywork - do something & then get critical feedback. Don't just move on to the next thing. Build on things. Revisit things. Take it further.
  • Not just a lot of experiences.
  • More like exercises than making finished artworks?

Course Structure

  • What are the core concepts of the class that are built through all these activities & experiences? Work toward understanding a set of core concepts. Build...
  • How is this class integrating with the broader SOA curriculum? Way to remain what it is, but also integrate aspects of SOA strengths?
  • Synthesize more with SOA
  • Make more sense with our School
  • Incorporate SOA Minors (non GE classes will be open to the whole university. Define this class in a more specific way)
  • "Art Appreciation" class.
  • Experiential approach to understanding art making practices
  • As is, the SLOs are written more for a studio art class. Shift them more to Art Appreciation. Focus on, and use, making as a component to Appreciating Art.
  • Frame it in a way that helps them understand the issues that go into work. Help them understand the process of how a painter makes decisions. We do not want students talking about "finger painting".