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  • Glenn Zucman 4:19 pm on 2017-06-10 Permalink

    Your Human Voiced Resume Summary

    1. What do you love about your work?
    2. What are your short/long term career goals?
    3. Is there something of value in your background that is unique to the normal industry route? (don’t feel guilty or leave off good work you did in a different area)
  • Glenn Zucman 4:14 pm on 2017-06-10 Permalink
    Tags: Keywords, , WCOC   

    Your resume is a key element in what job you get and how much money you make. Put some effort into it!

    Your Keywords shouldn’t only include your technical skills, you should also list soft skills, and also things like the Title of the Job you’re looking for. A Graphic Designer shouldn’t just have “Adobe” & “WordPress,” they should also have “Graphic Design”, “Communication”, “Los Angeles”, etc

  • Glenn Zucman 9:20 am on 2017-05-16 Permalink
    Tags: 100% Online, BeachBoard, D2L, F2F, Hybrid, Slack   

    Slack vs D2L (Desire to Learn / BeachBoard) 

    I’ve now used Slack for both 100% online courses, and for Hybrid courses. At the end of each I’ve asked students what they thought of Slack and if it was any better than the university’s stock BeachBoard (D2L / Desire to Learn).

    * 100% Online Students – almost unanimously say that Slack is so much better than BeachBoard. Easier to use. Friendlier. Way better mobile app.
    * Hybrid Students – mostly say that Slack is too hard, unnecessary, and that BeachBoard is better.

    I think what this means is that when you really immerse in something, in this case, Slack in the 100% online course, students learn the tool and appreciate the power of the platform and its environment.

    In a hybrid class, student watching of videos is limited, reading of activity briefs is limited, and a tool like Slack is just a place (chore) to leave some mandatory video response comments — vs the 100% online class where, in the absence of F2F, we “live” on Slack.

  • Glenn Zucman 9:41 pm on 2017-05-05 Permalink
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    Valley Eyewear ADCC II 

    Gloss Black w Gold? Or matte black w black???

  • Glenn Zucman 3:21 pm on 2017-04-22 Permalink
    Tags: Bake Code, New Taipei, San Gabriel   

    photo of Glenn Zucman at Bake Code in New Taipei (San Gabriel) CA

    Bake Code on Saturday – walking through the Jane’s Walk New Taipei walk

    What the caption sez!

  • Glenn Zucman 5:53 pm on 2017-01-12 Permalink
    Tags: keyboards, Moog, music, Synthesizer   

    RIP Keith Emerson & Greg Lake 

    Keith Emerson and Greg Lake both passed away in 2016. 🙁 Carl Palmer carries on. I sure loved Emerson, Lake & Palmer when I was a kid! 🙂

    black-and-white photo of Keith Emerson rehearsing with keyboards and Moog synthesizer in an arean

    Keith Emerson

  • Glenn Zucman 1:16 am on 2017-01-09 Permalink
    Tags: Wigs   

    Wigs @ Hollywood Toy & Costume 

    Model demo-ing a Black & Silver teased wig from Hollywood Toy & Costume on Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood, CA

    Crazy awesome wigs @ crazy low prices @ Hollywood Toy & Costume!

  • Glenn Zucman 1:00 am on 2017-01-09 Permalink
    Tags: Aine Orga, Tarot, vlog   

    Áine Órga Loves Tarot! 

    I feel like tarot, because it resonates with me so much
    because it just excites me so much
    because I love shuffling a deck
    I love drawing the cards
    I love the symbolism
    I love the structure of the deck
    I love the almost infinite variety of interpretations
    and systems of meaning that can be attached to the deck
    and if I love it so much, they why not use it more?
    Why not use it more for different avenues?
    Different aspects of my life?

    Áine Órga

  • Glenn Zucman 9:46 pm on 2016-12-10 Permalink
    Tags: , , Wolves   

    Valley Eyewear: Wolves 

    photo of a girl wearing Valley Eyewear "Wolves" with the sky and horizon reflecting in her mirrored lenses

    One more Valley Eyewear frame: Wolves in matte black with silver mirror lenses!

  • Glenn Zucman 10:01 am on 2016-11-26 Permalink
    Tags: , , Pick One,   

    Valley Eyewear “ADCC” Pearl vs Black-Clear 

    Which do you like better? 😀

    photo of Valley Eyewear glasses

    Valley Eyewear ADCC Pearl White

    photo of Valley Eyewear glasses

    Valley Eyewear ADCC Black Clear Stripes

  • Glenn Zucman 1:42 pm on 2016-11-04 Permalink
    Tags: , Spleen,   

    Valley Eyewear “Spleen” 

    Baby Pink to Tort Fade


  • Glenn Zucman 3:00 am on 2016-10-05 Permalink
    Tags: Donald Trump, Electoral College, Hillary Clinton   

    Trump’s Road 2 White House 

    Click the map to create your own at

    Click on the cool interactive map.

    If Gary Johnson wins New Mexico and Hillary Clinton doesn’t win 270, it goes to the Republican House of Representatives where they can simply elect Donald Trump!

  • Glenn Zucman 11:04 am on 2016-09-13 Permalink
    Tags: Engagement, Retention Time, ,   

    Improving Retention Time 

    Nice video on Improving YouTube Viewer Retention time:

    1. Interesting, valuable content your audience cares about
    2. As short as possible! Succinct!
    3. Engage! Smile! Connect!
    4. Plenty of B-roll! (change every 3-4 seconds)
    5. Let viewers know right up front what value of video is (if they know what’s coming up it will keep them watching longer)

  • Glenn Zucman 3:49 pm on 2016-09-12 Permalink
    Tags: Devices, , Mobile, Powerpoint, Seniors, Talk, Tumblr   

    What are your grandkids doing? (when they’re glued to their phones instead of the conversation in your living room?) 

    Drea holds a phone out in front to take a selfie as she and Fritzie project huge, radiant, wonderful smiles. Color photo with a slight warm cast.

    Slide from today’s talk: my cousins Fritzie & Drea having an intimate, fun, family, community moment, in spite of, or because of, a “mediating device”

    I gave a talk to the “Seniors Group” at my mom’s church (St. Thomas Aquinas in Monterey Park, CA) today. Great, smart, engaged group of peeps. Some have used mobile devices to build truly powerful relationships with out of town grandkids. Others complain that the only time the grandkid replies is when grandma sends him a check and forgets to sign it.

    You can see the slides for my talk here:

    (just use your mouse scroll wheel, or vertical swipe your trackpad or mobile device to scroll through the entire batch of, oopsy, about 100 slides! 😛

    I don’t use Powerpoint (or Keynote or Prezi, et al) for talks. I tend to make WordPress or Ghost pages that are my whole talk and just scroll through them. It’s important to me that no one ever needs to download anything. Live web content! That’s the ticket! For this talk I made a special Tumblr site and used andrevvvvvv’s awesome Tumblr Theme Fixed. What a simple, elegant way to give a talk. Arranging slides in Tumblr isn’t exactly drag-and-drop like Powerpoint, but it’s at least as easy as WordPress or anything else. I just used publish dates and Tumblr’s awesome Archive View to arrange everything in easy order. And the multi-image post format.

  • Glenn Zucman 11:46 am on 2016-09-07 Permalink
    Tags: Apple, Media Literacy   

    Tech Literacy 


    Student interrupts watching the Apple Event – he’s eager to replace his iPhone 6 with the just announced iPhone 7 – to come by my office hours so I can show him how to copy the URL of his website and paste it as a comment on another website. After we accomplish this he leaves to watch the rest of the Apple Event.

  • Glenn Zucman 1:23 pm on 2016-09-03 Permalink
    Tags: Cave Art, Genevieve Von Petzinger,   

    Cave Art talks by Genevieve Von Petzinger 

  • Glenn Zucman 11:22 am on 2016-09-03 Permalink
    Tags: Alternative MFA, DIY MFA, , Medici University, , Runaway University, University   

    Alternative MFA Programs 

    Podcast graphic from "DIY MFA"

    * DIY
    * Runaway.University
    * Medici

  • Glenn Zucman 11:18 am on 2016-09-03 Permalink
    Tags: Art,   

    If you can get an MFA in it, is it still art? 

    a young girl coloring with crayons

    … or does the most compelling “Art” come from work we don’t even think of as “Art”?

    image: MFA Boston

  • Glenn Zucman 9:59 am on 2016-09-02 Permalink
    Tags: Coworking, Office, Workspace   

    Office 2016 

    Throne, 10″ x 12″ “Desk”, big trash can – what else does anyone need!?

    image of a small shelf and trash can in a bathroom

  • Glenn Zucman 9:41 am on 2016-08-25 Permalink
    Tags: Cow Pathing, Minimum Viable Product, Natalie Mik, Poke Bowl, Umbrella Project   

    Big Ideas w Natalie; Poke Bowls w Daniel 


    Metup w Natalie at her place in the LBC. Talked about The Umbrella or Critical Collective project. In Cyberspace. We’re both excited about it. Don’t have a clear, concise description yet. Looking for something simple that sets the tone of the space. Then turn the Minimum Viable Product loose to a small group of artists/creatives to Cow Path it where they will.

    Later Natalie’s husband Daniel come home with yummy Poke Bowls!


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