Computer Glasses & Treadmill Glasses 

I use a treadmill desk. Some people like them because walking slowly, 1-2 miles/hour, is better for you than sedentary sitting. And walking slowly is easier than standing which can be fatiguing. Other people like treadmill desks because they claim to think better when walking. When I sit in front of a computer monitor, I seem to be about 19″ from the screen. When I use my treadmill desk, I’m something like 39″ from the screen. Hence I have 2 different “computer glasses” prescriptions. If you want to know what the numbers are about, check out the cool, mouseoverable What Does Your Prescription Mean? at All About

a copy of my "computer glasses" prescription

Computer-Computer – this prescription is slightly sharper in front of a monitor, and just barely less sharp on the treadmill

a copy of my "computer glasses" prescription

Treadmill-Computer – this prescription is slightly sharper on the treadmill desk, and slightly less sharp when sitting in front of a monitor

Glenn Zucman walking and working on a treadmill desk

Treadmill Desk! 😀