Periscope doesn’t care. Except when they do. 

Live streaming video app Periscope is a bit over a year old now. In that time it’s exploded onto the scene and created a new ecology. It’s also been the site for massive trolling and harassment, especially of women Periscopers. After a year of complaints, it sure seems like Periscope doesn’t care. Also, curiously, a huge proportion of the trolls seem to be young guys from Turkey. No idea why, but it seems consistent across the months and across victims. Last week Jessica Pike / @Pikeytime came up with a novel solution: when she gets trolled by these guys, she turns her camera on to YouTube videos of men kissing or wrestling. Apparently long streams of harassment are fine with Periscope, but men kissing is over the line. They banned her.

When platforms do care, like Riot Games’ League of Legends, they formed a Player Behavior Team and achieved extraordinary results in reducing “toxic behavior” on their platform.