What are your grandkids doing? (when they’re glued to their phones instead of the conversation in your living room?) 

Drea holds a phone out in front to take a selfie as she and Fritzie project huge, radiant, wonderful smiles. Color photo with a slight warm cast.

Slide from today’s talk: my cousins Fritzie & Drea having an intimate, fun, family, community moment, in spite of, or because of, a “mediating device”

I gave a talk to the “Seniors Group” at my mom’s church (St. Thomas Aquinas in Monterey Park, CA) today. Great, smart, engaged group of peeps. Some have used mobile devices to build truly powerful relationships with out of town grandkids. Others complain that the only time the grandkid replies is when grandma sends him a check and forgets to sign it.

You can see the slides for my talk here:

(just use your mouse scroll wheel, or vertical swipe your trackpad or mobile device to scroll through the entire batch of, oopsy, about 100 slides! 😛

I don’t use Powerpoint (or Keynote or Prezi, et al) for talks. I tend to make WordPress or Ghost pages that are my whole talk and just scroll through them. It’s important to me that no one ever needs to download anything. Live web content! That’s the ticket! For this talk I made a special Tumblr site and used andrevvvvvv’s awesome Tumblr Theme Fixed. What a simple, elegant way to give a talk. Arranging slides in Tumblr isn’t exactly drag-and-drop like Powerpoint, but it’s at least as easy as WordPress or anything else. I just used publish dates and Tumblr’s awesome Archive View to arrange everything in easy order. And the multi-image post format.