Glenn Zucman

Son of Sheila & Joe. My father was Joseph Zucman. His parents were Sam Zucman and Sarah Dukelski Zucman. I don’t know the pre-Ellis Island spelling, perhaps Zuckerman? Perhaps Zucmanski? They both emigrated from Russia, but only met in Philadelphia where they married and where my dad was born. My mother is Sheila Perez Zucman….

Luis M. Perez dancing with daughter Alicia Perez Vargas on 22 March 2009.

Luis M. Perez

Son of Josie & Jose. Brother of Lupe, Sheila, Esther, Abe & Chito. Husband of Mary. Father of Louie, David, Rosemary, Cathy, Raul, Alicia. Grandfather of Jason, Jimmy, John, Matthew, Eric, Bob, Anita, Joe, Linda, Rebecca, Victor, Phil, Emmy. Great-Grandfather of Mia, Sophia, Kirra, Danny, Elijah, Elizabeth, Zoey, Giancarlo, Ame, Michael, Lianna,

Nena Tovar, 17 July 2010

Magdalena “Nena” Perez Tovar

Died 27 September 2013. Daughter of Pedro Perez & Maria Almanza. Sister of Pete, David, Martha, Moi, Mike, Becky, Abraham, Ruth, Daniel, Tommy & Eva. Cousin of Guadalupe, Cecilia, Luis, Esther, Abraham, Chito, and… Wife of Juan Tovar. Mother of Arnold, John, Ricky & Norma. Grandmother of Arnold Jr., Yevette, Roujette, Scarlett, John, Chad. Great-Grandmother…