Mia & Andrea opening presents at Mia's 7th birthday party in 2012
Mia & Andrea

Thank Gwendy

Cousin Gwendy has asked me a few times recently for a copy of the family tree. I wasn’t even sure what she wanted exactly. It turns out she saw a paper copy mom had of a web page I made a long time ago.


mom can’t find her paper copy. And I can’t find the old web page. So it seems like it’s time to make a new tree of our old family.

Thanks Gwendy!


Want your own interactive version of this family tree?

  1. Download free: Freemind Software
  2. Right-click & save: Tree.mm
  3. Open Tree.mm with Freemind… click & enjoy!


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A Rose by any other name?

Of course, the funny thing about Josie & Jose Perez, and their 6 children, 19 grandchildren, 44 great-grandchildren, 11 great-great-grandchildren, or 80 progeny, is that we aren’t really Perez at all!

When Jose Guerrero and his siblings were moving from Guadalajara to the United States in 19xx? he thought that they should all have the same last name in their new, American life. Since Rosendo was the oldest, Jose suggested that they all take Rosendo’s last name. So Jose Guerrero became Jose Perez.

Meanwhile, Bernadette Jacquez was born in El Paso, Texas. When her French father went down to Mexico to work, Bernadette and her mother stayed with her grandparents. Sadly, while her father was away working, Bernadette’s mother died. Her grandparents were worried that when her father returned, he would take Bernadette away. So when he returned, they told him that both mother and daughter had died, and even showed him a grave that was supposedly Bernadette’s. So Bernadette Jacquez became Josephine Mendoza.

When Josephine Bernadette Jacquez Mendoza married Jose Guerrero Perez, they became Josie & Jose Perez. Our family and its American odyssey had begun.

We are not Perez.

We are the Perez family.

Mia & Andrea opening presents at Mia's 7th birthday party in 2012
Mia & Andrea

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